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Soup Restaurant Logo

Our Soup Restaurant outlets serve traditional iconic dishes which are a treat for the whole family.

At Soup Restaurant, our unique Chinatown Heritage dishes like Samsui Ginger Chicken, steamed minced pork and herbal soups, remind our customers of the tasty, nutritious meals that have bonded Chinese families for generations.

Our concept is home-style and family oriented. Our logo, the Samsui woman, symbolises the values that inspire our cooking - tradition, resilience and family ties.

The Samsui woman was among the pioneers who built modern Singapore. In the 1920s and 1940s, she immigrated to Singapore from southern China in search of employment. With her trademark red-clothed headgear, she toiled in the construction industry, laid bricks with her bare hands, carried building materials over her shoulders and cleared debris. She was the quintessential constrution worker for that period. Every day, she looked forward to her daily ritual of a simple, nutritious meal with her sisters from her hometown. During Chinese New Year, they gathered to indulge in their favourite food - Samsui Ginger Chicken.

An icon of Chinatown known for her strength of character and resilience, the Samsui woman leaves behind a heritage of unspoken simplicity and humility and her legacy is a big part of our history. Her spirit is interwoven into the fabric of our brand as we enliven her heritage with our repertoire of simple, nutritious home-style food that had kept her healthy and strong for the hard labour that awaited her each day.

At Soup Restaurant, our culture is also steeped in our philosophy of reunion. We want everybody's reunion with their loved ones to be moments they can cherish every day.

Soup Restaurant Logo

CAFE O showcases Singapore's unique coffee shop culture where locals can find comfort and familiarity in homegrown drinks and dishes such as kopi O, teh tarik, nasi lemak and roti prata.

Our specially-designed signage underscores this cultural legacy. Depicted in the four official languages of Singapore, it embodies the equal standing and harmonious relationship that all races enjoy in Singapore. This tribute to Singapore's multi-racial culture sets CAFE O apart from other brands in the market

CAFE O's design concept reinterprets the atmosphere and dining experience of traditional local coffee shops. Customers can enjoy kopi-siew-dai and half-boiled eggs while seated on timber chairs or 1950's-style formica benches on a tiled mosaic floor. Tru to CAFE O's multi- racial focus, metal grill handrails in our cafes are decorated with motifs inspired by Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian heritage and traditions. Pendant lamps in a variety of forms and colours add to the effect of being in a cultural melting pot. Old picture frames, as well as photos of Singaporean families and their day-to-day activities, are displayed for customers to soak in the nostalgic atmosphere and relive the good old days of Singapore's past.

CAFE O has adopted blue as its brand colour - our salute to the kopi uncles who used to wear blue-striped pyjama pants to work. The familiar blue-striped apron on CAFE O's staff, made from the same fabric, signifies the continuation of Singapore's coffee shope tradition.

CAFE O's design concept pays tribute to Singapore's unique multi-racial culture, and more importantly, provides a truly Singaporean dining experience for all to enjoy.

Soup Restaurant Logo

POT LUCK is a new restaurant concept that offers affordable and home-style zi char dishes in claypots prepared on the spot over charcoal fires in an old Chinatown setting that will bring you back to 1960s Singapore.

Within the rustic ambience of POT LUCK, against a backdrop of vintage black and white movies, an eclectic collection of pots, pans and cooking utensils of that era and formica chairs and tables, you'll also be served by Ali, our "Satay Man", Ah Huat, our "Rickshaw Boy", Ah Fong, our "Samsui Woman", Tao Jie, our "Mah Jie", and Muthu, our "Kacang Puteh Man", for an authentic back alley Chinatown experience!